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HVAC Maintenance Agreement On the East End of Long Island including North & South Forks, Southampton, East Hampton and Quogue, NY And Surrounding Areas

With a Preventative Maintenance Agreement, the following checklists are examples of services performed. They may include, but are not limited to the following:

(Approximately every 12 months)

HVAC Maintenance Plan

  • Check/Adjust thermostat
  • Check/Adjust safety controls
  • Check, clean burners (as needed)
  • Check pilot and/or flame sensor
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Check belt (if applicable)
  • Replace 1” filters (if needed)
  • Check gas pressure
  • Check flue and draft diverter
  • Check for gas leaks
  • Carbon Monoxide test
  • Check operation

(Approximately every 12 months)

  • Clean condenser coils (as needed)
  • Adjust, clean & oil blowers, motors and belts
  • Check levels of refrigerant and air flow across coil
  • Replace 1” filter (if needed)
  • Test and calibrate controls & thermostat
  • Clean condensate line
  • Check operation

(Approximately every 12 months)

  • Replace 1” filter (if needed)
  • Check blower operation
  • Check electrical connections
  • Check hot water flow from boiler

(Approximately every 12 months)

  • Replace evaporator panel
  • Check water valve & motor for proper operation
  • Lubricate motor (if applicable)

(As required)

  • Electronic – Clean filter & Pre-filters
  • Electronic – Check power pack & controls
  • Media – Replace filter

When you sign up for this agreement, you will also gain the following benefits:

  • See MA10 option to save 10% off parts and labor on all repair service calls
  • Priority service in the event of a breakdown
  • Helps prevent unwanted breakdowns
  • Better efficiency of Heating and/or Cooling System
  • We contact YOU to remind you that it is time for maintenance
  • Peace of mind knowing that your equipment is being properly maintained
  • Longer life for your equipment
  • Lower utility bills
  • 24 hour emergency service

This agreement only covers preventative maintenance. Repairs are not included. Maintenance visits of this agreement will be performed during normal working hours.

To sign up for this Agreement, Please fill the form Below or Call us today.